A Pun, A Man, and , A Creature

A man is walking through the desert and arrives at a gas station with no one in sight. He goes inside and there is a note on the cash register that says ‘Sorry, we’re closed. Come back tomorrow.’ He walks around, looking for anything he could use as a tool.

In one corner of the room, he finds a can of orange juice that reads ‘Excessive heat warning: Do not expose to extreme temperatures’. He notices that the warning has been crossed out with black marker. He drinks some of it to quench his thirst and notices that it tastes really good. Wondering where everyone went, he turns on the TV and sees an airing of “The Walking Dead”.

Oh snap!!!! What do I see coming my way? A mysterious creature approached the “man.”

The creature bemoans the meaning of the man seemingly out of place. Why are you here the creature asks?

I am unsure how I found myself in this abandoned gas station. I thought I needed some snacks but clearly am confused as this place is only filled with marshmallows and empty dreams. I really am unsure even what empty dreams are. Why am I here again?

Credit: Mahdi Bafande; Let’s get weird.



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